“This wouldn’t happen to me” Well, take my advice…Floods are no joke

“This wouldn’t happen to me”

Well if you live in the Midwest you understand that you simply never know what sort of weather you’re going to come into contact with. Even though this message needs to reach outside of my region I am speaking from first hand.

>> Two years ago, when I first moved to the fantastically flat state of Illinois, I pulled onto a back road heading home after long 12 hour shift. Little did I know, without any warning signs (literally) or notification of the extensive rain taking place in my 25 mile away town, that I was headed for a massive amount of flood water.


Within 10 seconds I lost control of my car and began to drift into, what I will describe as, an ‘overpowering/ heavy flowing bod of water’

Within 15 seconds ICE COLD water was filling my car and up to my knees. Thankfully, now in the pitch blackness of my Mazda 3 that I miss so much, I had an emergency LED flashlight that assisted me in being able to open my driver side window just in time before my dash lights flickered off.


Because of the amount of water, which was now over my waste, the window would only go down so far leaving me to struggle out of the vehicle and adding another 10 seconds to my escape. With my phone soaked and the air at a disgusting 35 degrees I knew I was about to experience the worst ordeal yet by swimming my way to a dry area.

With the car being pushed by the rapid water I ended up crawling out of the car luckily before flipping on its side. I am unsure how the car was not completely flipped the next morning when I went out to access the damage. In the end I used my lasting 1% battery to call my mother to save my freezing ass. Her bf, Bob Kunz, had to park farther than I would have hoped for. Because of the amount of water this left me to trench through the freezing cold waters. NO BIG DEAL compared to the amount of shit I heard from Bob for “putting myself in the situation in the first place”.. the absolute last thing you want to hear when you’re petrified and again, freezing.

Actual aftermath..

538524_10152421222050650_233621642_n    217881_10152421222290650_69378603_n

*Arrow shows where I began to drift


*Yea, that’s ice.

HOW TO on what to do in a similar situation>>> Moral of the story, you literally never know when a situation like this will come your way. Yes, I could’ve taken a separate road but who in the hell WITHOUT BEING FROM THE AREA know of the tsunami rolling in the PITCH BLACK county roads. Either way, I never want to experience something like this again. My family can say what they want but easily the worst experience thus far.

Next time… I’ll be ahead of the game