History – It surrounds you, #funfact

We all have our passions. These passions are our daily focus. Why would we look outside of our most desired subjects when we just simply are aware what brings us instant gratification? We all know what we like, so we stick to just that.

For example, Hi my names Sarah. I like to paint, yell at my obnoxious ‘adorable’ puppy .. call it parenting or talk your head off about cars which usually turns into an all out debate comparing ‘whats best’ and ‘who’s who’ in the industry.

I know, I sound so pleasant right?

SO being that I am I find art, poor training skills and the automotive field entertaining you most likely will NOT catch me even bringing up the subject of, mmm, lets go with technology. NO SURPRISE HERE I cannot STAND it. I’ve got an older than hell soul at the age of 24 and ‘I just can’t hide it’. ‘I’m about to lose control’ on the next person I see slothing it through a parking lot with their cell between their eye balls. (Shout out to The Pointer Sister’s – One hit wonder)

— Telling you im close to carrying a portable hot glue gun around the city of Saint Louis with me, grabbing the first “Pokie Go’er I see and … you get the idea.

Although I can’t stand the subject, I cant ignore the fact that technology not only rules the generation I am stuck in today but is also leading the industry I care for so much.

— LOL Tesla, get your shit together. Either your Autopilot feature truly is flawed or you haven’t taken into consideration that you delivered a product to consumer’s that simply are not capable of understanding.  Regardless you’ll be blamed and blasted throughout media for it. But really, was it your technology that has killed 3 already or???

We would not be as advanced as we are today if it weren’t for those who help discover the bones of it all. Being that good ol’ B.Franklin discovered the connection between light and electricity, I thank him for my cell and those sick dash gauges that you can now custom into any color combo you’d like.

So my point, everything is linked. If you’re curious enough to learn, you’re able to see how by just a little research.


Larry Shinoda, does the mean anything to you? Ah didn’t think so. Well in the auto world, he’s a god.

Maybe you can recognize the ‘battle’ between Ford and Chevy? We all know theres a fine line between the two and majority believe that lines is to NEVER be crossed. I used to be one of those people. Yes, it was more of a joke than anything when I would raise my voice at a Ford fan for being ignorant enough to believe that its performance and styling was any better than the Chevy lineup. Regardless, history is history, a classic is a classic and respect is respect. Ford, I’m a fan. Let me tell you why.

While we’re on this Ford Vs. Chevy kick lets get back to Shinoda. This man did not have it easy when it came to settling into our great United States yet it is no secret that he made a stamp in our countries economic growth. At 12 him and his family were relocated to a WWII camp, known as Manzanar, for just a few years before being released in 1944. This course of action was a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor but that’s a sore subject and this is a positive/informative post, so enough about that.

At 25 years old Larry Shinoda made his first debut in the classic/collector car history books by winning the first ever NHRA Nationals in 1955 with his 1924 Ford Roadster. That’s big time guys and gal’s. Man, I’ll never forget my first NHRA experience and the over whelming smell of burnt nitro.


ABOVE: Gateway Classic Cars sponsored funny car @ Gateway Motor Sports NHRA’s 2016

How is this Larry fella a god in my world? Well, lets just say if I were to work for both Ford and GM in a lifetime AND help design two of the most iconic classic/collector vehicles known today,  i’d be feeling like a god myself. But I’m sure he wasn’t as arrogant as I’m clearly making myself out to be.

While at Ford Shinoda went on to design the 1970 Boss 302! STUNNING vehicle which featured brand new styling that we even see some enthusiast carry on today, such as hood “hockey stripe” matte decals, single headlights partnered with side venting and rear deck wing. #FUNFACT The Boss received it’s name because Larry himself called it the “Boss’s project” as it was a secret for quite some time.


1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – Gateway Classic Cars Fort Lauderdale

Prior to his design of the Boss 302 Larry was hired by Fords leading competitor GM in order to design the iconic 1963 Corvette Stingray, which was known for it’s split window feature.  To have designed two iconic vehicle that made each company phenomenal amounts of doe is monumental in my eyes.


1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – Gateway Classic Cars Dallas Fort Worth

That’s history for you folks. Next time you see decaled Mustang or a brand spankin new Corvette on the road I hope you remember who helped deliver those eye catching features to that hidden motorhead I know is in everyone.

Way to go down in the history books Shinoda. And to think he accomplished all that AFTER being kicked out of college!!

So if you happened to have made it through my lengthy write up, tell me, which do you like more? Are you a Ford or a Chevy fan?