Saint Louis’ historic classic car museum unfortunately closing for good.

It is unfortunate that after TEN beautiful years the Kemp Auto Museum located in Chesterfield, MO will be closing it’s doors for good.

These beauties were some of the FINEST I have seen in my years working in the automotive industry and it does break my heart knowing that Mr. Kemp’s collection will soon be closed off. Although Fred Kemp’s 40 + collection will not be available for viewing, his passion will thrive through the teachings that will continue at his facility.

Check out my visit to this historic Saint Louis spot last week. Even though it is not until June 7th its official closing, I could not wait to walk through it’s doors one last time. Who knows, I still have a good week and a half if I happen to get that Mercedes urge.

Saint Louis' historic classic car museum sadly closing its doors

Entrance to the Kemp Auto Museum.

—- I don’t know what I find it necessary to jump in EVERY picture but it gets the job done, eh?

Saint Louis' historic classic car museum sadly closing its doors

**This would absolutely be a personal favorite feature of Kemp’s collection.

1886 Patent-Motorwagen

Commonly known as the ‘World’s First Automobile’ this beauty was staged and conveniently placed at the entrance of the museum. I love that you’re automatically SMACKED in the face with the best of automotive history.

Fun fact/ Story time – August, 1888 – Bertha, wife of Karl Benz, ‘stole’ or to be less dramatic ‘borrowed’ her husbands invention without his knowledge and embarked on a 121 mile journey to her hometown of Pforzhelm, Germany. Accompanying Mrs. Benz would be her two children, Eugen and Richard, both in their mid- teens of 14 and 15.

(Maybe Germans are just more open to the idea of ‘borrowing’ but I would have been pretty upset if my rolling invention would have just gone missing for an entire four days, give or take. Although I only cruise around in an embarrassing Nissan, it is difficult for me to allow my little sister to borrow her for a ride to the gas station. Moral of my opinion bubble, Bertha had guts and respectfully so. )

This monumental trip made history by being the first long distance automobile trip. When in need of refueling Bertha simply stopped at the local pharmacy, half way point, and did so using ligroin. Therefore making the location the first fueling station in history!

Adding to the history books, Bertha soon realized the wore down breaks of the No. 3 Motorwagen. Leading her to ask the local shoemaker to install leather to the brake block,therefore inventing the much needed brake lining.

(I’m sure, as many would agree, Karl must have been VERY impressed with his wife’s contribution to his event and to the history of the automotive industry.)

Upon arrival, Bertha sent a telegram to her, I would imagine, confused/ worry some husband informing him of her arrival.

TODAY the exact route taken by the historic three is now an official route of industrial heritage. Any and all automotive enthusiast can now follow the route mile by mile!!


In other news..

Saint Louis' historic classic car museum sadly closing its doors

Following the 1888 Motorwagen, just a few steps forward you will enter the showroom portion of Fred Kemp’s museum, housing his iconic collection. At the entrance you immediately light up at the gorgeously staged 1954 Mercedes 300SL.

Saint Louis' historic classic car museum sadly closing its doors

If I had the choice, this beautiful prince of Mercedes history would be by my side everyday. With its iconic Gullwing doors, the 300SL is easily one of the most recognizable automobiles. If the ropes were not holding me back I could confidently say that the museum directors would’ve not been a fan of me. Unable to get close to this beauty I could not grab interior shots but the few I was able to shoot say enough.

Although I wish I would have taken more shots of these immaculate beauties, I will admit to you all that I was too taken back by the amount of knowledge available for the taking.. Like I said, I am hoping to make it back and will take make it a point!

To state that Kemp has a mighty fine collection would be an EXTREME understatement.

If you’re from the Saint Louis area, or see yourself visiting in the near future, CHECK OUT his story and embrace this collection soon!!

Thank you Kemp Auto Museum for having my colleagues and I. Of course, for also providing Saint Louis with such distinct automotive knowledge.

Although I am to this day unsure as to why exactly Kemp’s doors are closing I must say it is a pleasure to work in the same industry and even share such a hobby with the iconic Fred M. Kemp, Sr.


Time to vent

Do you ever take just a few minutes out of your day to think where you stand? In life, at work, in a relationship? And please, take my verb lightly as I don’t mean standing in an argument or with others but simply, are you where you want to be? Is this right?

Lately, this subject has been weighing HEAVY on me. Heavy meaning staring off into the cornfields for a good half hour and/or up till 2 am forcing sleep. Could be that I am again being far to hard on myself or expecting to much to soon but why apologize or step back? If my personality is pushing me to go, go, go.. why listen to my mothers advice of ‘ Sarah, you have to slow down sometimes and just be?’ Yes, great woman and advice but again if I do.. I do not see myself on the path in which I am supposed to be.

If someone would like to sit on their couch allowing life and other peoples success pass them by everyday, that is all they will accomplish, that is what their personality is telling them to do. Mine is telling me to make the most of each situation, get ahead, stay ahead and strive to make the most of myself.

Well, that part of me very well may be because of my workaholic, real estate junkie father, Whom I envy in a way.

Unfortunately, as I embrace this aspect of myself daily, it is also my down fall. Going, going, going. That is all I do. At work I am keeping my mind busy. After work I am visiting this person, eating out, drinking there, seeing a show, simply just NEVER sitting. This then leading to my exhaustion.

I am only 23.

I have always been told I am far ahead of my age. Cool, great, and I thank you.. but I’m terrified to waste that. Should I find this a compliment? Yes, in some ways.

I hate to waste time in life and am constantly thinking of my next step. I know this because of the way I handle personal relationships and work experiences. The minute I see weakness, I want to run in the fear of wasting my own time. Call me selfish.. it’s the truth.

My point is, to myself, to my blog, to whomever reads this. Analyze where you are, but never over analyze as you might end up bag shit like me ranting through a computer screen wondering if your output on life it wrong or right.

If where you are fits, enjoy. If where you are feels unfitting, off, and draining.. time to find that next step.

I may be an over analyzer, but I also know I am growing and on to something great.

Your place is out there. Listen to yourself.

& let me tell you.. my place is NOT the Midwest!

You call this work?

So recently I scrolled upon my dream job, yes literally.. scrolled. Of course I took the proper steps of sending in my resume, nagging the office of my sent resume, and constantly crossing my fingers for good luck!

All of this excitement for good reason guys. I NEEDED to work for the world’s largest classic car company, Gateway Classic Cars!!

To my surprise, while pulling my normal sleep in till one routine, I was woken up by a call inviting me in for an interview. One hour later I GOT THE GIG! You may be wondering, Ok, why the hell do I care about this girl getting a job? Well to me, the cars speak for themselves..


STL Showroom
1955 Porsche 955 Replica – $36,995 – Mileage ONLY 768





Not a lot of people can say that they get to work in an industry that they love. Do not get me wrong, this shit is challenging at times, but seeing 180 beautiful classic cars everyday makes up for any struggle I face.

2          1

*One of NINE showrooms.

Just about to hit the ONE YEAR MARK here at Gateway and I am more than excited!! Keep an eye out for me at car shows. I’ll be the giant strutting around, usually in a heel, with a fat camera in her hand.

DSC01521_zps9322b47a 32 DSC05931 DSC01441_zps9754c867

It’s like Forrest Gump said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’ Your career is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the person you are today. That’s the exciting part – it’s an adventure in itself.

“This wouldn’t happen to me” Well, take my advice…Floods are no joke

“This wouldn’t happen to me”

Well if you live in the Midwest you understand that you simply never know what sort of weather you’re going to come into contact with. Even though this message needs to reach outside of my region I am speaking from first hand.

>> Two years ago, when I first moved to the fantastically flat state of Illinois, I pulled onto a back road heading home after long 12 hour shift. Little did I know, without any warning signs (literally) or notification of the extensive rain taking place in my 25 mile away town, that I was headed for a massive amount of flood water.


Within 10 seconds I lost control of my car and began to drift into, what I will describe as, an ‘overpowering/ heavy flowing bod of water’

Within 15 seconds ICE COLD water was filling my car and up to my knees. Thankfully, now in the pitch blackness of my Mazda 3 that I miss so much, I had an emergency LED flashlight that assisted me in being able to open my driver side window just in time before my dash lights flickered off.


Because of the amount of water, which was now over my waste, the window would only go down so far leaving me to struggle out of the vehicle and adding another 10 seconds to my escape. With my phone soaked and the air at a disgusting 35 degrees I knew I was about to experience the worst ordeal yet by swimming my way to a dry area.

With the car being pushed by the rapid water I ended up crawling out of the car luckily before flipping on its side. I am unsure how the car was not completely flipped the next morning when I went out to access the damage. In the end I used my lasting 1% battery to call my mother to save my freezing ass. Her bf, Bob Kunz, had to park farther than I would have hoped for. Because of the amount of water this left me to trench through the freezing cold waters. NO BIG DEAL compared to the amount of shit I heard from Bob for “putting myself in the situation in the first place”.. the absolute last thing you want to hear when you’re petrified and again, freezing.

Actual aftermath..

538524_10152421222050650_233621642_n    217881_10152421222290650_69378603_n

*Arrow shows where I began to drift


*Yea, that’s ice.

HOW TO on what to do in a similar situation>>> Moral of the story, you literally never know when a situation like this will come your way. Yes, I could’ve taken a separate road but who in the hell WITHOUT BEING FROM THE AREA know of the tsunami rolling in the PITCH BLACK county roads. Either way, I never want to experience something like this again. My family can say what they want but easily the worst experience thus far.

Next time… I’ll be ahead of the game